Meet the Candle Maker

Hello! I’m Jennifer Foshay, the owner and soy candle maker at Allen Wick Candles.  I love making soy candles and the creative process involved in making new designs.  Learn more about my story below.

How did you become a candle maker?

I was born in Peterborough, Ontario, but I spent 10 years in Fort McMurray, Alberta.  I needed something to keep me busy and engaged, as the winters are long in Northern Alberta.  I first started scrap booking and I enjoyed it, but I needed something more.   I searched craft making ideas, and came across an Ontario company selling soy candle making kits.  When the kit arrived, I started making immediately, I loved the process.  I started ordering more supplies and learning the art of soy candle making.  From there I started selling to family, friends, local markets and tradeshows. 

How long have you been a candle maker? Any Training?

I have been making soy candles for ten years!  I have learned so much over the years, my products and designs have changed as I learned more techniques.  In 2014, I completed an online interactive candle design course through the Candle Academy, French Rivera, France.  In the course, I developed my candle making skills and design possibilities.

What is your favorite part of candle making?

I love coming up with new candle designs.  My favorite candles to make are dessert candles which feature that extra design element.  Sometimes designs just pop into my head and other times I get inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram. I love seeing the reactions of my customers when they see a banana split candle or a tea cup candle.  It gives them and me joy! Click here to see some of our dessert candle designs.

Candle Maker Store

What did you do before you opened Allen Wick Candles?

I worked full-time while living in Fort McMurray.  I worked in quality management and was a supervisor. My work experience provided me with a foundation to be an entrepreneur.  I apply the quality management principles to my business and candle making process.

Candle Making

 Tell us an interesting fact about you?

I had no idea I was creative!  It’s true, I didn’t know I was artistic until I was 28 years old and started scrapbooking and then candle making.  Prior to this I had no experience as an artist/creator.  This tells me you really don’t know what life has in store for you.  My advice is to try to new things, take a creative class and channel your creativity. It now brings me so much enjoyment.

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  • Dan A on May 27, 2019

    Seriously hands down the best candles! Her shop is beautiful! I’m in love with the Lake House scent right now! Wax melts in every room of my house! Thank you Jennifer!

  • Cynthia Kay on May 27, 2019

    Fabulous! Well written & very interesting how it all came to be ! Love your work and your sense of creativity 😊❤

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