The Wick Dipper

I have been making and burning candles for 11 years.  Actually, it’s my job to burn candles, I am constantly doing candle burn tests.  What I have noticed is there can be smoke when you extinguish a candle and sometimes the wicks get off center. Then I was introduced to the Wick Dipper! You know you are a candle “geek” when you get excited about candle accessories! This is my favorite candle accessory/tool, the WICK DIPPER.

Wick Dipper to Extinguish A Candle

I think it is magic, it is in my opinion the best way to extinguish a candle. Here is how it works: Use the end of the wick dipper and push the wick into the melted wax and then immediately pull it back out and straighten the wick.  And guess what? There is no smoke! The candle does not smoke when extinguished. It’s magic. And another great function is that the wick is coated with wax and will be ready for the next round of burning.

Wick Dipper to Center the Candle Wick

There is more! A great use for the wick dipper is centering the wick.  A lot of times the wick will be off center in a candle. Use the wick dipper to straighten it out so the wax pool is even. By centering the wick, it ensures you are getting the most out of you candle by getting an even wax pool that reaches the sides of the container, preventing tunneling.

wick dipper

Where to Purchase

More great news, wick dippers do not have to be expensive. Allen Wick Candles carry standard wick dippers that are just $3.99 and they work great!  Click here to purchase a wick dipper.


Jennifer Foshay

Owner, Allen Wick Candles

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